Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

The Vehicle Tracking Company in Saudi Arabia gives you extraordinary perception about how your vehicle is performing. It also works to suggest you various cost-saving improvements. The transportation tracking and fleet management provides extra care and ensures the drivers are efficient as well as safe. Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System Saudi Arabia can never be compared with anyone else. Thus, Fleet Management improves operations while enhancing the reputation of the company on the road.



The essential features of AWTL Track that every fleet manager requires are Fleet Control Services for an efficient fleet are as follows:

  • Increase fleet productivity eliminate operational cost
  • Control fuel consumption
  • Also controls operations time planning the path of each vehicle
  • Control and monitor restricted areas in/out
  • Protect the fleet from misuse various report in different format
  • Ability to add sensors for more control

AWTL is a provider of vehicle tracking company in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. We are in a constant process of growing through the years. And this is only possible for the most efficient team that we pursue.