School Bus Management

AWTL’s school bus management offers you an efficient fleet with a GPS vehicle tracking. We intend to make the travel of the students from and to the school comfortable, thus offer you School Bus Tracking Solution. This definitely provides a positive impact on every student during transportation.

AWTL’s school bus management has three user interface system;

  • Mobile Application for School Management.
  • Mobile Application for Parents.
  • Web Portal for the School Management.

Due to this mobile application for school management, you will be able to track buses in real time. You will also get a detailed report of the students as well as parents. Moreover, you will also be receiving a panic alert if the students board wrong buses.

Due to this mobile application for parents, you will be able keep a track of your kids when they are on-board. You can also track the buses along with the estimated travel time. Push notifications are available when kids are on-board or vice-versa. The efficient perks of a transport management are as follows:

  • Transparencies in school picks up and drop
  • Email and SMS alerts for user defined rules
  • Reduce waiting time of school bus for parents
  • Peace of Mind to Parents
  • Receive Speed Alerts to Keep Bus Drivers and Children Safe
  • Detect over speeding, route violations, and idle time
  • Attractive Benefits and Features to revolutionize the management of your School Bus Fleet
  • Enhance the reputation of your school by adapting this efficient and feature-rich software

AWTL considers School Bus Management as their top priority and ensures the safety and security of each and every student commuting to and from the schools. According to the parents’ perspective, using the AWTL’s school bus tracking solution helps them in tracking the vehicles. Thus, the parents seek complete peace of mind as they can have a complete overview of their child movements.