About Us

Advance Wireless Technology Ltd. (AWTL) is a Consultancy Services Provider. AWTL provides Technical Consultants on an individual basis to Telecommunications Vendors, Operators and Sub-Contracting Companies in Saudi Arabia.

AWTL provides Vehicle Tracking & Fleet management , School Bus Managment, Monitor Temperature & humidity, Telecom Solution, IT Solution & Services and Trading.


Offering the best of our innovation and experience in wireless technology to our customers.


As the world is increasingly more reliant on wireless technologies; AWTL will become number ONE in the Saudi Arabia gaining customer’s satisfaction in excellent services.

Why Choose Us?

We are different




AWTL is one of the most diversified and independent corporate organizations based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group grew from its early healthcare and trading business to become one of the most versatile and highly regarded business houses in the gulf region and beyond.

Today, AWTL is a diversified business conglomerate with business activities across the world's most dynamic industries from Vehicle Tracking & Fleet management ,School Bus Management, Monitor Temperature , humidity IT , Telecom, RF Designing, Planning ,Optimization , Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation , Trading ,other retail and commercial activities.

In its sparkling portfolio, AWTL has offered its services to a multitude of clients ranging from government, semi-government organizations to multinationals & small/medium private corporations and concurrently formed strong liaisons with vendors across the globe, allowing AWTL to offer its clients a wide cache of products along with its customized services.

AWTL is greatly respected for the ability to combine traditional values with a global vision and has always been linked to the progress and development of the entire region.

Our Spirit is a rich history of energy, productiveness, success and above all the shared satisfaction of making a difference in our part of the world through serving our clients and the community in all possible means.

AWTL takes pride in its past and looks forward with confidence to the future with a renewed commitment to maintain and enhance the services and products offered to its business partners.